Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Orlando Science Center and Early Morning Goodbye

Brandon and Sarah headed back early Sunday morning. Brian had us all up at 5:30am!

Brian and I took the kids to the Orlando Science Center Saturday night. Brandon wanted to go play putt-putt and Gracey wanted to go bowling. Sarah didn't really have any opinion, but they all did not like the idea of going to the science center because it sounded like something that had to do with school.

Sarah, Brian and I were standing outside talking about it and what we would be doing there when Brandon walked outside and overheard part of our conversation.
--Now, Brandon has a bad habit of walking in on others (mostly me and Brian) conversations and either assuming he already knows what we are talking about (and is usually wrong) or asking what we are talking about over and over until someone tells him what it is and if Brian and I tell him not to worry about it, then he finds out from one of his sisters what we were talking about and makes sure that we know that he found out.--

So, he heard part of our conversation and assumed he knew what we were talking about, but he really didn't. I can't remember exactly how it started, but Brian and I started teasing him because he thought he knew so much. We told Brandon that we were going to the science center to see if they were learning what they needed to learn at the school that they were attending. When he wouldn't stop with the questions, we made our little tease larger and larger until he was believing that in order to get in to the science center each person had to take an age appropriate test after we paid to get in, and if each person did not pass that test then they would not be allowed to get into the science center. He was worried about passing the test because he said that he did not do well in science at school and that it was one of his worse subjects. So we told him then he would just have to sit in the truck and wait for us to get back out.

Brandon got himself so worried about it that at one point he was almost in tears! We kept this going from about one o'clock in the afternoon and, of course, Brian and I didn't tell him anything other until the moment we walked through the doors and paid to get in at around 6pm. It was pretty funny.At the end of the night we saw the Doctor Boom Show, which was very neat! We had so much fun! The kids didn't want to leave and felt silly for complaining about going there! I'm sure they'll be requesting that one again.

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