Monday, June 9, 2008

Ready For A Nap!

The bridal shower went very well on Saturday. I got so many compliments on the decorations and my house. Beth's sisters and Jaime were wonderful and we made a great team, I'm so glad that I had thier help! Here are a few pictures of the decorations and favors that I did:

These are the food table decorations. Beth really liked the oversized wine glasses with flowers.

These are the candy favors that I put together. They are Jelly Bellies and Strawberry Whoppers inside small plastic bags. I printed the tags and attached them with pink ribbon to match. There weren't any left by the end of the night (but I think Deanna snuck quite a few of them into her take home bag).

This was my pride and joy for the day. :) It's a "Charm Cake". The center of the cake has a hole where charms of insiprations hide under the flower. Each woman at the shower was asked to pull a ribbon to reveal her good luck coin. I baked the cake layers and Stephanie cut the hole in the center, leveled the bottom layer, and frosted the pink center frosting. The white top is rolled fondant. I am so proud of this as it was my first try at fondant. After I placed the rolled fondant onto the cake, I pressed it down and trimmed the edges into the scalloped look. I thought it turned out very well and was actually much easier to do than all the internet advice has said!

As you can see here, Beth had a nice "shower" at her bridal shower. :) This decoration originated from her mom wanting to have an umbrella over her chair. She said that it was an older tradition. I had never heard of it and could not find any pictures on the internet. We decided that to purchase an all white lace umbrella would be a little expensive for just a shower decoration and I came up with the pink rain clouds and rain drops instead. Everyone loved it, although Beth's chair kept sliding backward and she was getting rain drops stuck to her head!

These are the game favors. They have Beth's name and the date of the bridal shower printed at the bottom.

Beth cutting her cake:

Beth, her 5 bridesmaids, and her junior bridesmaid:
All in all, it turned out to be a very nice afternoon, and I'm so glad that everyone enjoyed themselves! Now I need to catch up on my sleep!


  1. everything looks so lovely! you are so talented. love you!

  2. i have no idea why, but i am just simply amazed at the gift you are blessed with.