Monday, December 15, 2008

Gracey Lost Her First Tooth!

On Friday night after dinner Gracey came to me upset because the tooth that had been slowly getting looser was so loose that it was twisted around and uncomfortable. I helped her get it twisted back and put into place as much as possible so that it wouldn't be bothering her so bad. She went to sleep about an hour later and the next morning woke up with it gone. My fear was that she swallowed it. I wasn't afraid that it was bad for her but only that she wouldn't have a tooth to provide to the tooth fairy (and mommy wouldn't get to keep her first lost tooth). Luckily, Brian found it in the bed and we were all happy! Gracey carried her tooth around in a sandwich baggy all day Saturday. She wanted to know if she could keep it to show her teacher on Monday. Of course I told her that the tooth fairy would be coming to get it from her that night. My favorite girls came over for a slumber party that night. We had such a fun time! Gracey ended up falling asleep in living room chair leaving her tooth in the sandwich bag on the table beside the chair. Usual tradition is to leave the tooth under your pillow at night. Growing up, our mom gave us her tradition which was putting the tooth in a small glass or jar filled with water. Then the jar would be filled with coins when you woke up the next morning (water too). I couldn't decide if I wanted to make this our tradition with Gracey or not so when she just fell asleep leaving her tooth on the table, I decided that our tradition would be that the tooth fairy would find that tooth wherever you left it and leave payment for it there. The tooth fairy (and her sidekick, Rachel) filled her little sandwich bag with a dollar and a handful of change. (We are not setting the bar too high to begin with!) Needless to say, when Gracey woke up the next morning she was very excited and carried around her money in the sandwich bad all day! She couldn't wait to tell her teacher this morning as they have a tooth board where all the kids get to write their names down when they loose teeth!

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  1. she was SO proud when she called me that morning to tell me she had lost one. i think she felt left behind with will & bailey losing all theirs. she is growing up!