Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun! | portrait photography

A couple sneak peaks from our session yesterday. Crystal, I hope you like them. :) img_8577 img_8617 img_8721 img_8728 img_8850 img_8949

This one is my absolute favorite!



  1. SUPER JOB! Amy is wanting to get you and one of her friends connected. Amy was at the beach the other weekend with her and she has established her own photography business. You two would have alot to talk ya! Mom Swatts

  2. Thanks everybody! I talked to Amy about Rebecca last night. I'm excited to get in contact with her and even see photos she's taken at the Temple. It also made me think of Stacy's photos we took and the mishap at the Wal-Mart photo lab...then I was sad about them again. Maybe I'll get Stacy and Brian out there for some more photos sometime soon!

    I'll be doing another shoot this weekend so look for more next week!