Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh, Tears! | personal

Gracey's school had a special lunch for mom's yesterday. It was so much fun! We started out by meeting the kids in the cafeteria to eat lunch with them. They had a DJ/dancer on the stage and the kids got up there during our lunch to sing and dance with her. After we finished our lunches we headed back to Mrs. V's classroom and the kids had all kinds of little surprises for us.
They sang mommy songs to us in between reading thier mother's day cards. Each one of the kids created thier own card and wrote why they love thier mommy inside. Mrs. V had the read each one out loud to us. It was sooooo sweet!!! Gracey's card read:
"Happy Mother's Day!
To: Mommy
Love: Gracey
I love my mommy because she swims
with me. She also tax me to sewrood.
I love hr."
Translation of that last part: She also takes me to Seaworld. I love her. LOL! I love it!
My other favorite was a fill out sheet "All About My Mom"
My Mother is very pretty
My Mother is 63 years old
My mother is 50 feet tall and 80 pounds
My mother likes me and my dog Scout
She does not like cleaning our house every single day
When I make good choices, she says, "Good job!"
When I make bad choices, she says, "Bad job!"
When I grow up I want to be a teacher and a horsebackrider
Gracey put together a bag full of goodies for me and her teacher helped her start a potted plant that has little sprouts of marigolds coming up!
Everything was just so wonderful!
I didn't get many pics because I was too busy wiping tears and enjoying the special lunch. Here is the class with thier last poem for us. :)


Gracey, thank you so much for all the hard work you put into my special gifts! You made mommy very happy! I love you, sweetie!


  1. You are a very special momma! And we love you!

  2. SO sweet!! I love it!!

  3. A little slow getting around to all the blogs.....thanks for the posts, isn't it sweet being a mom? Mom Swatts