Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beauty + Handsome x 4 | portrait photography

Handsome, handsome, handsome handsome and beautiful.  That's what this little family is made up of.  If there ever was a woman who was meant to have three children, all boys, it was Courtney.  Such a strong beauty.  She is one of those women who works hard to provide all that she can for her sons, and loves them with all of her soul.  And she's got a pretty great guy in her life, helping her along the way, sharing in all the things that make having a family worth the while, and enjoying every fun moment that a house full of boys can possibly bring!

It was a bright and sunny Saturday morning at the park.  A bit early for the older ones, but that's ok, they did a great job regardless!

Courtney and Carmine:

Corey: such a handsome young guy.

Chase:  another handsome young guy.

Justice:  my goodness, you are handsome too!

A little bit of boy-tude.  I just love how Justice can hardly hold the "serious" face!

Courtney, you are just beautiful!

And look at you smiling with just your eyes!  That's not easy to do!

Courtney, thank you so very much for the opportunity to photograph all this handsome-ness and beauty!  I can't believe the boys are as tall as they are now!  I hope you guys have a really great Christmas!!!



  1. Jess,
    Once again you take my breath away with your pictures!!! I absolutely love them!!! Court, you and the boys look AWESOME!!! Love you all!!!


  2. I am crying over here! Thank you so much Jessica! You are so very talented at what you do. You have such a big heart and can not thank enough again for taking the time for my family and I! I truly LOVE them!!!!!!