Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Quick One | portrait photography

This isn't my normal type of lighting situation but I just had to share because, after all ... photography is all about the light.

Gracey watching A Charlie Brown Christmas and lit solely by the t.v. and fireplace behind her.

f1.4  1/20  ISO 1600

P.S.  This is our first fire in the fireplace in over a year.  It's brrrrrr  .... cooold in Florida right now!



  1. love charlie brown. it was one of the first in our christmas rotation this year. okay, okay. we watch it all year long ... but you know what i mean. love you - all. not much longer and we'll be sharing that brrr-cold! florida weather with you!

  2. Love it! You just need one like that with her in her pjs and a christmas tree in the corner.