Thursday, December 16, 2010

Trimming The Tree | personal

We finally went out and bought our tree.  Although I love the price and convenience of buying a real tree from Home Depot, it took us all of five minutes.  Five.  To walk in. Pick out a tree. Pay for it. And leave.  It was actually kind of sad that it went so fast.  I mean, isn't going to pick out a tree supposed to be one of those treasured christmas moments that you do as a family?  Isn't it supposed to be some kind of fun event that creates a few hours of holiday family time?  Every year I envision us walking up and down isles of trees, taking in the wonderful scent of them, finding that perfect one that says to us, "I belong to the Swatts Family".  But somehow it doesn't happen that way anymore.  There is something to be said for the good old days when life was slower and the things you wanted were not ready in just five minutes ...

Brian must have felt it too because he suggested that next year we find a nice tree farm where we can cut our tree down ourselves.  Now that will be a wonderful holiday adventure to look forward to!

After getting our tree and bringing it back home, Gracey and I spent the rest of the night decorating it, and I must say, I am very pleased with how it turned out.  Her and I make a great tree-decorating team.

All the details:

And a few more decorations in the entryway:

Ok.  So the bible isn't a decoration ...

Our tree topper (as shown above) was made for us last year by Sarah.  I love it!  It's perfect for our snowflake and star covered tree, plus, added bonus, it's super lightweight so it won't be bending the top and falling over.  I just don't get the way they make the tree toppers these days anyway.  What is with that spiral cone?  It doesn't keep the darn thing put!

The tree skirt I purchased a very long time ago before I ever had my own house, before I ever met Brian, before I ever even had my own tree.  It says around the bottom, "No Peeking, No Poking", and although its spot clean only, and getting rather dirty, I can't part with it.  - The first year Brian and I had our own tree, I opened it up out of the package and laughed. out. loud. at those little phrases written on it.  Because, you see, Brian, my wonderful darling husband, is a sneak.  He doesn't like to be surprised, not because he doesn't like gifts or surprises, but because he can't stand the wait!  So it's a very fitting tree skirt for our little family.

Anybody else wait until just a week and a half before Christmas to get their tree like we did?

Merry Christmas, everyone!



  1. lovely! what a perfect match for your family.

    love all the details (of course). your scriptures stacked at the fireplace look so nifty there ... and those stockings. ah ... ;) . to think mine started it all.

    looking forward to seeing your tree in person - as well as seeing all of you!

  2. Came your way via Jen Gustavson. :) What gorgeous captures! I have to ask though...what are your settings for the pic of your tree? I had this in mind to do with mine, but I'm still a newbie at settings and such. :) Thanks!