Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some Northern Visitors | portrait photography

We had a nice visit from a photographer friend from Minnesota, Aleah Clements of Created By Me Photography, the first weekend of January this year.  We met early last year when she contacted me because her and her family were coming down for a Disney vacation and she wanted to have some nice photos done while they were here.  I, of course, was completely flattered that she would ask me to do take their photos and so we met up the weekend they got here at a place out by Disney and had a great time getting to know each other's families a little bit and taking photos.

Here are a few that I took of them:

Aleah's daughter, Cassidy, is just so quiet and sweet and her son, Kane, is the complete opposite and he definitely stole the show.

I set them up for this photo,

And then Kane mashed his mom's foot!  Every time I see the looks on Aleah and her husband, Pat's, faces it makes me cringe and laugh at the same time. 

Yep, Kane is definitely a character!!!

But it was all fun, and I managed to get a couple of Aleah doing her thing.

And a couple of just her and Pat.

Aleah decided last year that she wanted to come back down without the kids for the weekend so that I could teach her a little bit about natural light ...  Again ... I'm totally flattered.  So, they made plans to visit us the first weekend of January.  I hired my beautiful sister, Crystal, to help us out and be a model for the day ...  OK, so I didn't actually pay her, but free photos is great, right?

My turn first.

Then Aleah gets her shot.

I just love her smile!  It's infectious! 

SUPER gorgeous!!!

After our morning shoot with Crystal, we took Aleah and Pat out to Daytona so they could check it out then we had dinner at one of our family's favorite restaurants, Down The Hatch.  -- My grandmother worked there for many years and was working there still while we lived with her in Daytona back in 1989-1990.

Of course we used Gracey as our model this time. =)

Aleah and Pat enjoying the sunset behind the hotels and boardwalk.

And then just a nice shot of Aleah working her camera completes it!

Pat had to get in on the action.  Actually, I think he may have taken more photos than Aleah!!!

Aleah and Patrick, thank you soooo very much for coming down to visit us!  We really had a great time with you both!  I don't know if we'll make it up to MN any time soon (mostly because I am sick and tired of cold weather!) but when we do, it will be you guys that we visit!!!



  1. Oh my gosh the first photos make me laugh...especially he ones of Kane stepping on my foot! Your disk is burned and waiting to be mailed :) We had a great time with your guys - thank you so much for everything!