Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rotten Peaches and A Rainy Weekend

Well, the peaches that I bought on Friday for the peach salsa were all black inside. I guess they are out of season and I'm just going to have to wait until the season comes around again before I can have that yummy stuff. So Brian, Gracey and I went to Lampu for dinner friday (Kobe style at half the price). Saturday night Gracey stayed with Grandma and Grandaddy and Brian and I went to Margaritaville for dinner. It was raining outside, but somehow we got there at just the right time and left at just the right time. It was fun. Sunday was another rainy day. Brian cleaned out the boat that has been sitting in the back yard for a couple years so he could sell it. Typical Brian, even though it's been sitting back there FOREVER, once he gets it out and cleans it, he decides that he wants it. Well, he already told the guy that wanted to buy his motor that he could have the boat also so it's gone. But how funny that Brian hates the thing until someone else wants it. All I could do was smile at him and shake my head. Silly boy.

I took pictures of Wade and Paula on Friday afternoon for thier invitations. Here are the best ones.

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  1. I've yet tried that recipe. Roy is here so maybe I will be brave...