Friday, April 4, 2008

Stacy Beat Me To It!

Hello all you Wonderfuls! I'm starting my blog. When I created my website I wanted to add a blog spot as well. I thought that it would be a great thing for two reasons. 1. Family can stay up to date with all the little things going on in our daily lives. 2. I can share with everyone all of the recipes, pictures and creative things that I come up with on a daily basis. So I have had it planned for quite a while now and I'm jealous that Stacy did hers first because she writes so well, takes great pictures and I'm just so impressed! :) So far she is really great about posting right away and it's going to be hard to keep up with her!!! In the long run, this may end up being easier than trying to keep my website updated. We shall see. Since this is my first post I'm going to share with you all what we had for dinner last night. I love trying new recipes (it keeps me from getting bored). Swatts side of the family, you all have tasted the yummy salmon dish. Well, I changed it a little. I used shrimp instead of salmon and cooked the mushrooms into the sauce. I skipped the broccoli, red bell pepper and snow peas and garnished with chopped tomatoes and chopped green onion. I made Fried Green Tomatoes to go on the side!!! (These were actually what I was more proud of than the main dish because it was new and exciting). They were different, but very tasty. Brian and Gracey liked it very much which is a big win for me always!!! I'll post a link to the recipe here soon. I have been munching on a yummy fresh tomato salsa all week that I made on Tuesday. Wow, it's so good! We ate it on chicken soft tacos that I made two nights in a row. Gracey loved those too. So I have been on a roll with the dinners this week. Tonight we are having pork chops with peach salsa because I have been craving them again. And I'll be making some banana bread. I made some last week and Brian and Brandon devoured it! If you guys want any of the recipes from me you know that all you have to do is ask. I'm not stingy with them! As for wedding things, I went to get my dress for Beth's wedding last Sunday. It is going to be beautiful. Her and I have started getting coordinated on her decorations, favors, and such this week and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product on those. I'll start posting pictures soon. Bye for now.


  1. Yea.... I can add another link to my blog now. But you and Stacy put me to shame. Now if we can only get others to join as well. You will see that it is VERY easy! LOVE YA!

  2. Oh Boy! I love this.....!!!! This is great, Jess. Mom Swatts