Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Whew! That took longer than I thought!

Pictures from our 5 year anniversary:

Our first stop was the Daiquiri Deck. Brian and I were already hungry by then but we decided to wait until we got to the Sandbar so that we wouldn't be late. They said to arrive by 6:45. After a beautiful ride up the coast on Chris's motorcycle, we finally got there. We rode along the coast the whole way and it was really nice. Of course, I do have to mention that Brian was EXTREMELY hungry on the way and every time we passed a place that made food, he was in misery because on the bike you can smell everything! No windows to roll up and put him out of misery!

The Sandbar was really nice. There were weddings going on the beach on either side of the restaurant. When we got there, we were told the the wait would be 70 minutes so we grabbed some drinks and walked onto the beach and watched the sunset. It was really nice! We had a blast!

Brian snapped a picture of me right when he told me that the buzzer to get our table was finally going off! Isn't this funny? !!! That's how I look when I'm saying "YYYEEESSSS!!!!" HAHA!

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  1. That did take a while. I must say that sky behind you illuminates you beautifully!!! Glad you guys were able to go and have such a nice time.