Friday, May 16, 2008

What A Tease I Am!

Meaning: I tell you guys I'm going to post all this stuff and I haven't even been back on here in a few weeks! How boring is my blog??? :)

It's not because I haven't been working on anything. I have. Lots and lots of stuff. I just can't really post a lot of it because the things I have been working on are for Beth's bridal shower and I don't want her to see it just yet! So what other stuff can I tell you guys about? Hmmm....well, Brian and I worked on the house over last weekend. We finally got the baseboards finished in our bathroom (including paint) and I'm so thrilled to have that done! Brian also put in some labor for our two front flower beds (just because I wanted it) and they look so nice! I love it! Mother's Day was really nice. We stayed at the house and Brian smoked his famous BBQ and invited Mom, Dad, Steph, Crystal, Jack, Mom and Dad over for dinner. First thing Sunday morning Brian had Gracey make me a card. Have you seen the commercial they were playing on the television for the hallmark music card to the mom? Well, I guess Gracey watches too much TV! Here is what her card to me looked like:

Gotta love her! And I do, SO MUCH!!!

Other than the bridal shower stuff I can't talk about, Cindy was over the other night for me to hem a second pair of shorts that she wanted shortened some. She stayed for a little while and it was nice to be able to sit and chat with her. Paula went to Brazil last week. She's not back yet but did tell Wade that all of her family just LOVED the invitation that I made for her wedding. They said it was the most beautiful invitation they had ever seen. :) YAY!

Hope you all are doing well, love you lots!

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