Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gracey Lost Her Second Tooth

At school. She said when they were coming back from the playground she grabbed it to wiggle it and accidentally pulled it out instead. She had to go to the clinic to get the blood washed out of her mouth and they gave her a little container to keep the tooth in. The poor thing lost it on the playground later during extended day. Brian said when he went to pick her up she was crying because she was so upset that she lost it. She was so afraid that the Tooth Fairy wouldn't come and visit her so she decided that she would write the Tooth Fairy a note explaining that she lost it and that she was sorry. Later that night, after writing her note to the Tooth Fairy, she decided that since the Tooth Fairy grabbed her other tooth from the table by the living room chair, she would place her note there on top of her small empty cup (that she was drinking milk out of earlier). ~I was talking about our tradition of the glass of water (previous post) to our neighbors earlier that night so maybe she put her note on top of her cup because of that? I don't know, she didn't say.~ But, when she woke up this morning it was filled with change to the top. We have learned that the Tooth Fairy is an understanding kind of Fairy, but she doesn't just give away freebies. She left Gracey a return note by the cup of change stating:
"Dear Gracey,
I always give each and every child one chance on a lost tooth.
The first one that you cannot leave for me still gets money
but please don't misplace any more than that because I need
to make sure I collect all of the teeth that fall out of all
children's mouth's.This is your one chance.
I'll be back when you have another tooth for me!
The Tooth Fairy"
So now Gracey has a large gap in the bottom of her mouth. She found it funny when we were talking about the Tooth Fairy, she was having a hard time saying it without those two teeth!
She has been waiting for her teeth to start falling out for quite a while now. Not me! It means she's growing up and I want her to stay my sweet baby forever!


  1. you and stacy are going to have to show me how you customize these things. i want to do that also but have no idea how.

    no gracey can sing all i want for christmas!!!


  2. When I saw her today, I asked her how much the Tooth Fairy left her. She told me forty bucks for the first one and $2 for the second one. After talking to Brian I think she meant 40 coins :)
    Amy Daniel