Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We hope that everyone had a very enjoyable Christmas, spent lots of time with family, and ate entirely too much...just like we did! Our Christmas was a lot of fun. We started out the festivities by heading over to mom and dad Swatts' house on Tuesday night (Christmas Eve Eve), eating dinner and letting Brandon and Sarah open their gifts from the family as they had to head back home Wednesday morning. We ate hamburgers, ribs, sides and some of us ate hot dogs...LOL! Brandon and Sarah had a lot of fun and loved their gifts. So sad they had to return to South Carolina so soon! :( Brian drove the kids back Christmas Eve morning while I went to work for a half day. All of the family (ALL of them) came over to our house for Christmas Eve dinner which consisted of pizza, chicken and sausage rice and yummy, yummy salad. We played rock band and catch phrase into the early hours of Christmas morning. The Crammer side of the family stayed the night to spend Christmas morning with us. Santa ate all of his cookies. It was the first time I ever remember seeing his cookie plate completely cleaned of all the cookies and crumbs! The reindeer made a complete mess of the cups of water and carrots we left them out in the driveway...they must have been in a hurry! Gracey woke up to a horse in the living room! Boy, was she excited! Santa also brought her a new bike. She has named the horse Flicka. After a very big breakfast, the family headed home. Brian and I alternated taking naps while Gracey played with her horse and other toys, then we headed back over to mom and dad Swatts' house for Christmas dinner. I don't know who was worse, Gracey or Chris, but the two of them make SOME PAIR!!! A little duo of getting their way together!!! Long story short, Gracey went home with Chris and Kim Christmas night and we didn't see her again until Sunday night! All jokes aside, she had a wonderful weekend with them and we are very thankful that she had the opportunity to spend time with them. She'll be at Aunt Stephanie's house Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We are glad for this too as she doesn't get to spend enough time there anymore. Santa Clause was good to use this year, we hope he was good to you too! Merry Christmas!

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  1. thank you for letting gracey come down with us. we had a lot of fun! and no fair playing catch phrase without us!!! it was good to spend time with all the family!