Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An Added Comment To Kimmie's Post

Kim's post can be found here: Kim's Blog
Kim talks about showing support to our new president whether you voted for him or not. I think she is right on with her statements. I also think that we could all take this a step further.
What is wrong with showing support to others even if you do not agree with them or their views? How have we become such judgemental people as a nation, as co-workers, as neighbors, as family members, as friends that we pass judgement on each other fully knowing that none of us are perfect? Wouldn't we all be better at our jobs if we knew that we had never ending support from others?
And, was it really necessary to bash Bush and boo him for his very trying time in office just as he was leaving?
Just something to think about.


  1. Much better. This window never popped up when I have been trying to do it!