Friday, January 23, 2009

Rock Springs Boosterthon Fun Run

Here are the kids waiting in the hallway before they went out onto the field.

They were so excited to see their field all set up complete with TUNNEL!!!

Getting warmed up for the race. This must have been the first lap because she walked most of them! :) I'm sure all of you have heard my little story about Guitar Hero and "Eye Of The Tiger". They started playing it during the race. Gracey's mouth dropped open and she searched the whole area until she spotted me..."Mommy! EYE OF THE TIGER!!!!" As soon as she saw that I was going to take a picture she grabbed her cheeks and tried to hide her expression! How cute?!

They tracked all the kids laps by marking the boxes on the backs of their shirts each time they passed the line of teachers. Mrs. Veltmann is marking Gracey's final lap here. Gracey and her best friend at school, Zoe. Way to go Mrs. Veltmann's Tornadoes!!!! Gracey managed to finish 26 laps. Yay Gracey! Thank you to everyone of you who pledged!!! We will be getting the rest of the information to you soon!

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