Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunflower Seeds In The Yard

We had a nice weekend. Brian went shrimping with Robert Friday night and they brought home about 25 pounds of shrimp! Yay!

I spent most of the weekend cleaning house. My house is so clean now it just makes me feel really good!

Gracey finally had her best friend from school over on Saturday for a couple hours (they have been begging for a couple months now to get together). Zoe's mom and I chatted while the girls played. We all enjoyed the time spent and are hopefully going to get the girls together again in a couple weeks.

Robert, Rachel and Crystal came over for shrimp and steak last night. Yummy. We played rock band until my bones in my fingers were hurting! Brian and I really just love our Sunday dinners with them.

Here are some more pictures of Gracey. She is such a sport always posing for me while I camera, where are you???? :)

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