Friday, February 13, 2009


Gracey has a class party today. We had to decorate a shoe box and put a slot in it for her valentine's gifts from her classmates.

Then I made her some pony valentine's. We attached m&m's inside minature bags as goodies!

We made Mrs. Veltmann a blow pop flower.

And dressed Gracey in pink and red for her special day today.

She was super excited, although you can't tell from her weird smile here. I think I'm losing my picture model. Too many pictures taken in a few days = no enthusiasm to be in front of the camera.

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope yours is extra special!


  1. How cute is she!!! And I imagine that her box was the bestest box!!!

  2. omg! you went all out! she must have felt so special with that pretty box and original valentine's. Her teacher must know she comes from a caring home!!!

  3. :) I sure hope so, although I always forget to sign her agenda and we have turned her homework folder in late a couple times. LOL!