Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Photo Competition

In hopes that we will better our photography, my dad has created a photo competion for the family. Here are the rules/guidlines:
Right now we have room for 8 or 10 photos on the wall. Frames are 11x14 so an 11x14 picture without mat is acceptable as is an 8x10 or 5x7 with mat. Smaller photos are disqualified unless they are part of a photo essay contained within one 11x14 frame.
Any family member can judge. Anyone can participate. For starters 8 photos will go up on the wall, any 8 will do as no judging is necessary to get the contest started. Once all frames are filled a photo comes down from display only by vote. The vote is new submission vs any of the photos on the wall.
From the house perspective, the objective is to get and keep 8 (or 10) of our best photos always on display. From a contestant perspective, the objective is to dominate the wall! Simply being tired of looking at a picture is enough reason to vote off an otherwise perfect photo.
There is but one continuing rule for judging: Does the picture have emotional or thought-provoking impact? In other words, does the photo involve the viewer in any way? Subject, perspective, angle, focus, size, cropping, colors, textures, shapes, lens distortion, motion distortion,... The technical aspects of photography exist only to facilitate communication and evoke impact.
I am so excited for this and have already printed and posted four on the wall! Actually, I'm trying to fill the wall first because I have a feeling that dad is going to boot me off of there quickly! LOL!
Here are a couple of my first submissions to the wall gallery:
photocomp4 photocomp2 photocomp1 photocomp3
If you just happen to come by and it's voting day, you are allowed to vote too! This is going to be so much fun!

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