Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nichole V Photography | portrait photography

Nichole V is a photographer that I have been following through her blog for about a year and a half now.  I found her through googling "natural light photography tips" (or something similar to that anyway).  When google took me to This Post I was thrilled.  This was exactly the kind of simple information I was looking for to help teach me more about photography and how to achieve that special kind of lighting in portrait photography.

I spent hours looking through her blog posts and finding more and more information that she was so kind to share.  I don't know if she really knows how much her posts like This One and This One have helped me (and so many others, I'm sure) learn more about portrait photography, but I'd like to thank her for taking the time to write them.

------Thank you so much Nichole, for every effort you make to help others find their way in portrait photography!  And, thank you for helping me.  Your posts helped me to see the light at a time when I was struggling so hard to understand it.--------

Nichole has her own workshops.  I've always wanted to attend one, but haven't been able to.  Recently, she released her workshops as a package you can purchase called {life as art} Workshop In A Box.  Oh, how I wish to have this!  After following her blog for so long and seeing how talented she is, I know this is going to be good!  So, check it out!  She's giving one away.  How cool is that?

Again, thank you, Nichole!  And good luck to all who participate in her contest! 

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