Sunday, August 29, 2010

A New Momma | portrait photography

Friday marked Adelina's fourth month of pregnancy and she wanted to capture how she looks at this moment in time.  Sure, most people wait until they are further along, but I love her idea of having them done earlier, and again later in the pregnancy so she will be able to look back on them and remember not just the heavy end but also the best time of pregnancy when the morning sickness has just gone away and the baby is just starting to really show.  Just such a wonderful idea!

It was super hot out, and she did such a great job despite all the heat!  And did I mention that she is absolutely gorgeous? !!!


I just love how gorgeous she is when she's laughing!

Hello, little 4 month in-the-belly-baby!  You are so cute and tiny right now!

Thank you so very much, Adelina, for the wonderful opportunity!  I'm looking forward to our eight month session!


  1. ah! i LOVE these. wonderful job ... as always. love you.

  2. These are beautiful photos! Great job - Aleah