Thursday, October 14, 2010

Luna-Chicks | personal

So, Gracey started playing softball last month and we are just loving it!  LUNA-CHICKS.  That's the team's name.  It's been so much fun so far...Of course, we are on a pretty good team.  The coach is just amazing with these girls, and we have some pretty great parents in the stands too!  We've only lost one game so far, out of seven.  That's pretty darn good, I think.  I feel so lucky that Gracey got picked for this team because, with this being her first-ever season of softball, I can see that all the team spirit and positive attitudes have really made her want to succeed at it.

This Tuesday night was no exception.  The team did an amazing job making plays and hitting the ball!  Gracey just happened to have quite a fan base in the stands too!  Mom, dad, Aunt Kimmie, Leann and David, Aunt Stephanie, Grandma Kaye, Uncle Jack and Pop-pop.  We were only missing a couple family members, Grandma Linda being one of them, for sure.  (As much as my mom was not the sports type of girl, I think she would have been so proud of Gracey and enjoyed watching her out there on the field).

Here's Gracey during warm-ups before the game.  Yes, I made her wear the bows in her hair and no, she doesn't like them.  But, doesn't she look so cute? !!!  And this way, there's no mistaking her when all those fans are in the stands trying to figure out which one she is. =)

I'm so proud of my girl!  Happy Thursday!

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  1. way to go, gracey! we love you!

    love these pictures ... they make us out-of-towners feel like we're there. which is a very good thing ;) .

    and jess ... i have no doubt that your mom was there. cheering gracey (and you) on, just like always. love you.