Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Miranda, Roland and Rollie | portrait photography

The moment they got out of their car and started walking toward me I thought to myself, "Gorgeous!"  And then I said it out loud to them ... and immediately added, "and Handsome!", before the boys killed me for calling them gorgeous.  But I meant it.  They are a gorgeous family and in the time I spent with them I could also tell they were a very loving family.  I love it when people share that part of themselves with me.

The park was just beautiful.  It's beginning to feel like fall around here.  I've heard on the news that the weather is changing earlier than it usually does.  It makes for wonderful photo weather, that's for sure!

There were peacocks everywhere in this park, and they definitely weren't afraid to walk right up to us.

See???  Just gorgeous I tell ya!

Such handsome boys!

Isn't Rollie such a handsome little guy?  And he really did such a great job for me even though he did not want to be taking photos when there was a playground right within his view!  But, can you blame him?  That's kind of torture to a kid his age, right?

A little bit of tickling kept the smiles coming...

Super gorgeous mama!

This is my favorite kind of photo...little moments between people that they don't even know you are capturing!

I think mom's and dad's should always take some time to just be a couple!

Roland, you are one handsome guy! 

And, Miranda .... just stunning, girl!

Miranda, Roland and Rollie,
I had such a great time taking your photos and I really enjoyed our little picnic afterwards!  But, my favorite part of the whole day ...  when Rollie hugged me really tight like four times and wouldn't let me go!  That was when I knew my job was complete.

Thank you!


  1. Amazing pictures!! There are really no words to describe the work you do!

  2. Jess- Thank you so much for everything. The experience was amazing and I will def. be doing it again. You are one of the sweetest people I know. Thank you for your very sweet words about our family.

    Many Hugs and Kisses to You!!


  3. Wow! Absolutley BEAUTIFUL!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!