Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rocky, Bear and Chloe | pet photography by Gracey

This weekend proved to be a very busy weekend for us in regards to photography.  I had a family session scheduled for Saturday morning and a boudoir session for Sunday, and when our dear friend, Rachel, told Gracey how much she loved her pet photography and then hired her to get some great photos of her furry family members, we decided we better get on over there and let Gracey work her magic!

So, we went over to Rachel's house Saturday evening and watched Gracey work her wonders with the animals.  It's really no question that she can get such great photos of pets, because she is most certainly an "animal person".  Why, just last night, on our way to church she wanted to stop and save the lizard that was clinging on to the windshield wiper for dear life.  She spent the entire 20 minute ride alternating between watching him to make sure he was ok and searching all in the truck for something she could carry him home in.  When we got there and told her that a plastic bag was just going to kill him, she found a nice little home for him in the grass.  (Church parking lot, you have a new family member.  Be kind to him for he is loved.)

Yep, that's my animal-loving girl.  And I'm so proud of her for every bit of her huge heart!

Rocky, Bear and Chloe, it looks like you were wonderful clients for my Gracey.  Thank you so much!  Woof, woof, and meow to you!

Today, we are packing up for our trip to SC.  We are so excited to see Brandon and Sarah, and to spend some quality time in the country with our family.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Excellent job Gracey!

  2. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Great pictures, Gracey! Grandma