Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pet Photography | personal

I spend quite a bit of my time at the computer these days.  Writing these blog posts, responding to emails and facebook messages, editing photos.  I was doing just that when Gracey came in and asked if she could borrow my camera.  Uh, what???

While I have the strongest urge to tell her no, because that's how I was raised around a camera,  

-- you just did not touch dad's camera, for any reason, whatsoever --

I also want her to know how to handle the camera and have respect for it.  Plus, I'm just a sucker for my little girl's big brown eyes.  So I showed her what she was allowed to do and not do and then let her go off and take pictures for a few minutes.

I do have to say ... not too bad!  She must be picking up on something when I'm pointing that thing at her all the time. 

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Looks like she takes after her Momma!!! Great pics Gracey!!!!


  2. I'm so stinkin proud of her. That is one amazing little girl.

  3. cute story and cute images. she's definitely learning something ;)

  4. Awesome job Gracey!!!! Love You, Miss Rachel

  5. Love, Love, Love that little girl!
    Aunt Kimmie