Friday, April 29, 2011

I have tons of things that I need to blog about.  My blogging to-do list is getting to be miles long.  Really.  I hate that I have let it get this way.  My poor blog being neglected ... yet again.  To be quite honest, I have been swamped with a million other things to do than sit down and write these posts.  They do take me a while... And, to be even more honest, I hate sitting at the computer these days.  It's just really not comfortable.  This chair that I have is not the best to sit in while I am carrying all this extra weight, and after a half hour I can feel my legs start to swell.  I can't stand that feeling.  

So, I decided that even though this is further down my list of blog to-dos, I am going to blog about it now, because it's an easy one.  Short and sweet.

I took Gracey to get her first real hair cut on Wednesday.  Here she is before the cut.  She looks thrilled right? :

In her whole eight years of existence I have been the only one to ever cut her hair.  Her first haircut wasn't until she was almost two, and only because she ended up growing this awful looking mullet that finally had to go.  She has always been known as the little girl with the long brown hair.  And I've liked it that way.  It's been easy to manage in terms of upkeep, trims and such, but lately Gracey has been trying to take care of it by herself.  For her, trying to brush all that long hair was hard.  She couldn't reach the bottom and just ended up with more tangles.

Another change for us, Gracey with not-so-long hair anymore.  We have been through so many changes this last year or so.  Even when change is for the better, too much of it can be scary.  And this was scary...for me.  But I do have to say that it looks good, and I am sooo happy that Gracey is so happy with it.

See how happy it made her?  I could tell that she felt like a million bucks!  And, I know from experience how great a new hair-do can feel.  :

Maybe my biggest fear here is how much she is growing and changing.  She is no longer my little plump-cheeked, baby-face little girl.  She is my softball playing, helps-me-around-the-house, does-her homework-on-the-bus, brushes-her-own-hair, gonna-be-a-big-sister-soon, little girl.

Makes me tear up just thinking about it all.



  1. It looks great! She is so beautiful..... Grandma

  2. It looks great! She looks so happy!! Xoxo

  3. i can't believe how much older she looks! she is lovely, of course ... as are you. love you both!

  4. AH! I do not remember getting a phone call about this!!! This is huge! And she looks gorgeous as always!---Kim