Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mike, Beth and Dee

Beth and I have been friends for a long time now.  15 years.  Almost sixteen.  I always know how long because her and I became pretty close when her daughter, Deanna, was only a couple months old (and she's going to be sixteen in February).  It's kind of funny that Beth and I have remained such close friends for so many years.  On the outside, we really are nothing alike.

She is loud. And funny. And short.  The baby of her family.
I am quiet.  And shy.  And tall.  The oldest of my siblings.

But we get along well because on the inside we are the same.  We both have huge hearts.  We both care about people deeply and we both love our big families like crazy!

I feel like a pretty lucky girl to have had Beth as my friend this long.  I also feel pretty lucky to have the opportunity to watch her little baby girl turn into an amazing and wonderful teenager.  I'm so proud to say that I have been through so much with Beth, and her with me.  Standing by each other's sides for so many years through so many different stages of life.  We were just young teenagers trying to figure out who we were and where we were going in life when we met.  And now we are both married moms trying to figure out who are kids are and where they are going in life.

I love this little family so much!  And now they are expecting a boy!  I'm so excited for them!

 Beth has raised such an amazing girl.  And they have a really great mother daughter relationship.  It reminds me of how close me and my mom were.

Did I mention that Mike is perfect for Beth?  Ya, he is.  Upon first meeting him you would think that he is a quiet and laid back guy who just lets Beth be Beth, but no, he's not like that at all.  He matches Beth toe-to-toe in her humor and sarcasm.  It is so funny to watch them together.   And he loves her.  A lot.  That makes him doubly perfect for her in my eyes.

Mike is such a great dad to Deanna.  A perfect balance of spoil, love, protection and discipline.

Beth, you are super gorgeous!  I love your beautiful smile, but I also love this look that you get when you are watching people and thinking.

Just look at those blue eyes!  Wow!

You two are so stinking cute!  I love this one!

Mom and her baby girl.  Love.

Between you and Mike, baby Ryan doesn't stand a chance of having any other eye color than some gorgeous blues!

You two are so funny!  I love the looks you give each other.

Handsome Mike.

Gorgeous Dee.  Your eyes are pretty darn beautiful too!

Deanna has been cheering for quite a few years now.  She's a sophomore cheering varsity this year!

Mike, Beth and Dee,  I love you guys bunches!  Thanks for such a fun time taking your photos and thank you again for lunch!  It was a great time.

Beth, I am so glad we have been friends for so long.  We've been through so much together and this year marks moving on to yet another chapter in both of our lives.  Thanks for always being such a great friend.  I can't wait to meet Ryan in February!



  1. I love this post!! It is so perfect! You described Beth to a tee!! The pictures are awesome. I also really like the look she gives when she's watching others! I cannot believe that Dee has grown so fast. She is one beautiful young lady! I am thrilled that Mike was lucky enough to be part of such an amazing woman's life! Beth deserves nothhing but greatness!!
    Great job Jess!! You nailed it, as always!

  2. Thanks Jess, I am crying!!! This day was so amazing..we had so much fun. I was a little worried that because we ARE so close, that some pictures may not come out quite like I wanted. Well I should have known better I don't think there is anything you have EVER done, that I didn't think was a masterpiece! You are amazing at what you do, and you are an amazing friend! You are my family and I am so lucky to be able to share my life journey with someone who has been a part of it from the beginning! The comparison thing was funny, I never looked at it that way! I love you so much Jess... The pictures, the blog everything you do, is just AWESOME!!!

  3. i love that speed limit sign image, cute!

  4. I think this was so sweet,I am in tears just thinking about everything you two have probably been through together because I have a couple friends that I grew up with and still are very close to,Life goes by so fast,its good to have someone you can call a true friend.And Jess,your work is great,may contact you in the future.