Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nine Birthdays | personal

Dear Brian,

Today marks the 9th birthday of yours that I have shared with you.  

I know you don't like to think about that because it makes you feel old ... but I do ... because it means so much to me to know that we have made it this far together.  Sometimes when I think back on the first birthday of yours that we celebrated together it seems like it wasn't that long ago.  I remember how I was just getting to know you, and you told me that you didn't like people to make a big deal out of your birthday and buy you things.  I couldn't just not get you anything so I went and bought you some new clothes, because I knew that you needed them, and instead of wrapping them up and making you open them I just shoved them at you as I walked into your mom and dad's house and said, "Here ya go.  Happy Birthday."  I remember the look on your face when I did that (it was quite funny).  And I remember how nice it was to spend that day with you having dinner at your parent's house and just being together.  Looking back on that memory now and knowing that you actually LOVE for people to make a big deal and buy you gifts (even though you will never admit it) it makes me smile.

Nine years is a long time.  And if I thought I was happy then, I'm even happier now.  

I love who you are.  I love that you are such a good dad and that you work so hard every single day to provide for your children, and for me.  I love how easy it is for us to have fun and laugh together. I love our little family.  I love that you get so excited about fishing.  I love that you love the coast and boats so much, and I love that we share that in common.  I love how we can sit and relax on the beach together, and we can do that just as well on the couch too.  I love to watch you with the kids and how patient and caring you are for each one of them, and I love to see how happy you are when we are all together.  I love how we both love each other's families so much.  And most of all, I love how you make me feel so loved by you. 

Happy Birthday, my sweet, kind and hard-working man.  I look forward to sharing so many more with you!

I love you always!



  1. LOVE this! PS Im so glad he's grown his hair out! lol.. love you B Swatts!

  2. I am so glad he found you! Or you found him. Whichever way that goes. Hmmm...I don't think I know.

  3. beautifully said. love you both! happy birthday, brian!

  4. Actually, we found each other at the same time. Jennifer and Tony introduced us, but we didn't know until later that we had both "noticed" the other the first time we saw each other. With both of us being quiet people, we probably would have never happened had they not forced us to dance together one night. =)

  5. Beautifully said! I love you both!