Monday, November 15, 2010

What I've learned This Week | personal

So I was supposed to be doing these every Friday.  I had full intention of doing that but then when I posted Damaris Mia's  Rising Star Interview two weeks ago, I decided to leave it at the top of the blog for a week to give others a change to see it.  I couldn't tell you what happened last week other than life getting in the way.  

So anyway, on to the new post...

Every Friday I'm going to write a post about what I have learned about photography and life in general.  It's mostly for me to start keeping track but it's also for others. Maybe somebody else can learn from something I've learned, who knows?  And, by the way, they are in no particular order.  Just random.

Week three and four ...

Photography related -
*I'm reading another one of Michael Freeman's wonderful books on photography.  This one is called "Perfect Exposure".  I'm almost halfway through and its proving to be a good read.  It goes into more detail about histograms and what they represent as well as camera metering.  A lot of it doesn't necessarily apply to the kind of photography I do but it never hurts to know as much as you can. 
*I think I've finally come up with a simple logo that I am happy with for now.  It looks really good on the website that is getting close to being complete.  I'm excited for it to launch but I keep adding a bit more content so it's taking longer.  Yes, the hold up is still me.
*I learned how to make my own bag from poster board paper because i couldn't find a white bad big enough for my client's photos.  I think it turned out pretty good.
*My new email address is up and running.  This is the one that runs directly from my website.  Feel free to shoot me a hello!

Life in general -
*I am such a procrastinator sometimes.  This week it was telling the teacher I would bring chocolate chips for their crafts and then putting off going to the store to get them until 8am this morning on the way to school.  Oh, well.  It worked out ok.
*Gracey had an awesome last game on Saturday and we are so sad that season has already ended.  
*I HAVE NO CLUE what to buy my husband for his birthday anymore because I know that all he really wants is a boat, so until that day comes, nothing will compare!
*That being said ^ ...  He really loved the blog post that I wrote for him and that makes me so happy. 
*It's been two weeks and I realize after typing all of this out that I really haven't learned that many new things while I wasn't posting. =)

Here's Gracey at the end of her last game.  Please note that the ball she's holding says "Home Run".  This was her prize for making one of the three home runs on her team the last game. 

And this is me.  Crystal took this photo as we were watching the game.  I was keeping score.

Did I ever mention that I don't have time to take pictures during the game because I also keep score?  Ya, Coach handed it to me the very first game and asked me to help out.  I've never kept score before in my life, so I kind of got thrown to the wolves, but she says that I do a good job.  And I must because she had me keep score every. single. game. !!!  I really don't mind it though.  It helps me to pay closer attention than I normally would.  I guess it's a good thing my dad raised me knowing baseball so well.

Happy Monday, everyone!  Hopefully I will learn a ton more in the next four days so I can have something interesting to talk about on Friday. =)

Love, Jess


  1. yay for learning new things!

    i've actually flipped through that same book before. and true, it does look like a good read.

    i feel - even though you say i'm not - that i am part of the hold up for your new site! thanks so much, again, for including me in that process. makes a girl feel special :) . love you.

    what a wonderful picture of you there at the end! did you do something new to your hair? can't wait to see you!

  2. yes! i took that pic! did i get any other good ones?! LOL